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Gerard's Paella

With his giant paella pans, buckets of ocean-fresh seafood, baskets of farm-fresh vegetables and big helping of personal charm, Gerard travels with all the ingredients required to create a truly memorable culinary event.

Specializing in Catering and Events

Gerard’s Paella is a unique catering company with over ten years of experience bringing both food excellence and a celebration to a party or event. Through the enthusiasm of our chefs and the delicious food they make we are perfect for any occasion, birthday parties, elaborate winery dinners, any size wedding, family gatherings or just a casual meeting of friends. Paella traditionally is a social dish, many of the guests gather around the paella pan as it is being prepared bringing forth a variety of conversations.  

Gerard's Paella understands that planning for an event takes a lot of time and requires a lot of decisions. Rest assured we can cook in any weather and are flexible where we set up. We love what we do and want to make your event as stress free as possible.

Contact us today and find how we can help you create a unique event.