Gerard's Paella Menu

Gerard's Paella is a unique catering company that does more than deliver excellent food; we make the sights, sounds and smells of Spain come alive at your event! Preparing paella is a social activity and we encourage your guests to gather around the paella pan to observe and ask questions. We find that this sparks many lively conversations about travel, life, and food.

We are the perfect choice for any occasion, from a casual gathering of friends and family - perhaps to celebrate a graduation, retirement or birthday - to elaborate winery dinners or weddings. We arrive on-site with everything to make your event a success. We cook in any type of weather, and we set up just about anywhere.


The Gerard's Paella base menu includes your choice of Paella, Manchego Cheese with Membrillo, Wild-Caught Shrimp sauteed in Olive Oil and Garlic, fresh green salad served with our own Spanish vinaigrette and sliced French bread.
$38 per person.
Price does not include tax and gratuity.

Customize Your Menu:

We are happy to work with you to make your event exactly what you want. You can pick a premium Paella, add (or substitute) tapas, or include desert. Just let us know.  Click on the links or scroll down this page to learn more about our luscious cuisine. Click any image for a larger view. 

Paella | Tapas | Additional Tapas | Postre (Dessert)


Our tapas, always a hit, can be served family-style or served by staff for more formal events.

Tapas Camarones a la PlanchaWild-caught Texas Brown Shrimp sauteed in Olive oil and Garlic

Made with wild-caught Texas Brown Shrimp, the shrimp is sautéed in olive oil and garlic and served whole. For an additional cost, shrimp can be served peeled and skewered.

Tapas Romeo and JulietRomeo and Juliet

A traditional Spanish tapa, this appetizer pairs Spain's famous Manchego cheese (a delicious hard cheese made of sheep's milk) with Dulce de Membrillo, a sweet and mildly tart jam made from quince. What a heavenly combination!


Want to add a little more to the menu? Or substitute one of our standard tapas? You can.
Prices for adding to the menu are shown. The substitution price is if you wish to substitute for one of the standard tapas.

Tapas Roasted Red Pepper Crostini with Romesco Sauce
Roasted Red Bell Pepper on Crostini with Romesco Sauce

Substitution price $2.00/person

Tapas-Spring-Onion-Crostini-RomescoRoasted Spring Onions on Crostini with Romesco Sauce
Substitution price $2.00/person

Tapas Camarones a la PlanchaCamarones al la Plancha with Romesco Sauce
Substitution price $2.50/person

Tapas Olive and Cheese BoardOlive and Cheese Board
A large Paella pan filled with an abundance of Spanish Almonds and Olives, plus a variety of cheeses, crackers and fruit.
Substitution price $5.00/person

Spanish Chorizo and Asparagus on Crostini
A fun and flavorful combination that will delight your guests.
Substitution price $2.50/person

Whole Shrimp
We can also provide whole shrimp (heads and tails)



Paella Valenciana

This traditional paella, made with chicken and seafood, is our most popular item. Chicken thighs cooked with onions, tomatoes, and whole garlic, followed by a parade of pacific seafood and vegetables. We gradually layer the dish, adding the seafood last, white fish, mussels and shrimp.

Chicken and Sausage Paella

Sausage is always a huge hit. This paella works well for events where people are mingling, as it is a bit easier to eat standing up.

Seafood PaellaSeafood Paella

This all-seafood paella is made with a clam stock, calamari, shrimp, white fish and new zealand green lip mussels.

Vegan Paella
Vegan Paella

To put it in California wine terms, if other paellas are the 'big reds', this dish is the Pinot of Paellas. A little lighter, but still bursting with flavor. It's a rich vegetable-based dish filled with seasonal vegetables.

Squid Ink Seafood Paella

Squid Ink and Seafood Paella
(additional fee applies)

For the true seafood lover, we offer a squid ink paella. This dark-rice paella is served with Meyer Lemon Aioli.

Paella Rabbit and Chorizo
Rabbit and Chorizo Paella
(additional fee applies)

In Spain, rabbit is a traditional ingredient in Paella. We pair our version with aged Spanish chorizo.

In addition to the above menu items we can add lobster, clams, scallops or aged spanish chorizo to any paella.  Please inquire when requesting a quote.

POSTRE (Desserts)

Finish your event in style. We feature fabulous fresh fruit and baked good desserts.

Pound Cake Dessert Pound Cake: Includes cream whipped by hand, seasonal berries and topped with fresh mint.

Fresh Sliced Seasonal Melon

Paella Pan Postre: Baked goods and fresh fruit beautifully presented in one of our paella pans.